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Since August? Really? February 8, 2011

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WOW!! I knew I had fallen off the blogging wagon, but since August?? Ok, well that is going to stop. I am going to try to post once a week. I know it doesn’t sound hard, but that is ambitious to me! Funny story from last night to get this blog going again:

Lilli crawled into bed with Kris and I at 4:40 this morning. She never gets into bed with us, but I was too tired to question the reasoning, so I tucked her into our covers and rolled over to go back to sleep. She then started kicking the covers off herself (she hates covers) telling me, “I don’t need these”. Normally I would explain to her how cold it was in our room and how she needed to put on the covers, but I decided she would figure it out and I was tired. She proceeds to toss and turn and kick the blankets so I nicely ask, “What are you doing, child?” She then announces, “It is still dark outside, I am going back to my room.” Hahah…she cracks me up! I think she thought it was time to wake up and Kris and I were just being lazy in bed. When she realized it was still “night time” she curled back up in her bed and went to sleep. I thought it was hilarious!


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